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Unions team up against O'Neill government

A coalition of Unions gathered in numbers at the Jack Pidik's Park, to express their grievances over what they claim as an unfair treatment of nationals at respective government organizations and especially State Owned Enterprises.
Hundreds of members of PNG Energy Workers Union, the PNG Telecommunication Workers Union, Maritime Workers Union, PNG Airlines Association and others forgo their services yesterday to show solidarity.
General Secretary of Enegy Workers Union, Santee Margis told NBC News, similar gathering will continue in the next few days.
"When expatriates are placed in a position of authority in government departments, they can create instability and at the same time, they can meddle into the politics of this country. These people can have impact in the business interests of PNG and it can be a neo system of doing business in PNG. So this is where we said stop it, get rid of these expatriates now!, The Government should have trust and confident in the nationals to carryout all administration and management of the country's SOE's . Papua New Guineans should be given the mandate of looking after PNGeans people. The country have enough mangers, skills men and women, why inviting expatiates to manage, and suppressed nationals.We can not look up on those expatriate because their interest is on making money for themselves. "
He said, the Government is not serious with issues facing employees of S-O-E's.
The Unions make reference to the current situation facing PNG Power and PNG Telikom as well as others.
Yesterday, Controversial PNG Power Managing Director John Mangos was refused entry into the PNG Power Headquarters in Hohola.
And the message was clear PNG Power staff do not want him around.
Banners have been hoisted on their headquarters fencing with the messages ' STOP POLITICAL INTERFERENCE IN PPL' and ' MANGOS PASKA YANIS OUT OF PPL' .
A PNG Power staff told NBC News, while Mangos was attempting to get into the PPL premises, he was advised through a call from the PPL Board to immediately vacate the area.
After the drama at PNG Power Office , Unions from PNG Power, Telikom and the Maritime Workers converged at the Jack Pidik's Park and as one of their spokesmen put it, the unions do not want Mangos at PNG Power and the Spill and Fill Policy at Telikom.
Mangoes more than a week ago was appointed by the National Executive Council as Managing Director to PNG Power Limited.
The company has been hit by a management crises in recent months, with the National Executive Council at loggerheads with the PPL Management and Board.
The Coalition of Unions are gathering again today (Tuesday 22/ 03/ 16) at Jack Pidick's Park to further inform their members of the current situations and come up with way forward.

NBC News/ PNG Today

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