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PNG gives citizenship to 24 foreigners

THE country yesterday welcomed about 24 new Papua New Guinean citizens to its shores.

They officially relinquished their former nationalities and pledged loyalty to their new country in a formal ceremony in Port Moresby.

Among them are two from Nigeria, one from Sierra Leone, one from New Zealand, four from Bangladesh, two from Malaysia,one from Vanuatu, one from Taiwan, one from the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland, one from the Philippines and ten from China.

Most of these foreigners are elite businessmen who have lived in PNG for more than 20 years, some even more then 30, who have now made themselves and their family citizens of the country.

Some married Papua New Guineans and have over the years contributed in all forms of assistance and have children who were also born in PNG and attended PNG schools making Papua New Guinea their home.

Foreign Minister RimbinkPato presented the awards yesterday in Port Moresby and said that the Citizenship Advisory Committee had awarded them the citizenship after having met the mandatory Constitutional requirements under Section 67.

Chief Migration Officer Mataio Rabura, Deputy Solomon Kantha and all other Immigration and Citizenship officials were also present to witness the awarding of the certificates and passports.

"The moment has finally arrived for you to receive your citizenship certificate and to stand tall and proud with your fellow citizens, citizens of our great and beautiful country, Papua New Guinea. I do hope and trust that you will honour your commitment to take up the citizenship of PNG, congratulations," Mr Pato said.

"We see here investors from these various countries who have come to this country with visions and dreams in establishing a livelihood which have grown over time in contributing to the development of the country, providing employment for the local community in which they live and respect, and specialists where you are currently filling in the skilled gaps. "The decision to forego citizenship of your former country is certainly not an easy one to make and I must therefore commend you, recipients for your courage and determination. Out of the many who applied you sitting here today are the chosen ones to be awarded with the citizenship of Papua New Guinea.

"Having continuously lived in the country for more than eight years and have all established businesses, withsound characters and have established in your various communities, you have all embraced the culture and lifestyle of Papua New Guineans.

"I noticed that you all are able to communicate in TokPisin and other local languages and have also attended Haus Krais and funerals. Some of you hold permanent residency visas.

"I acknowledge that this is in line with the Government’s Vision 2050 often encouraging foreign investment in PNG. Some have contributed immensely through your professional careers. PNG is now home to all of you in many ways."

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