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Sam Basil. EMTV Photo
Prime Minister Peter O’Neill was scrutinized the most in yesterday’s parliament sitting for September’s session.
Among questions the Prime Minister had to respond to was the fair distribution of the District and Provincial Services Improvement Program Funding.
This was raised by the Deputy Opposition Leader Sam Basil.
“Can the Prime Minister table a report to this parliament and inform the people of Papua New Guinea on how much have been dished out to districts and provinces out of the K10m DSIP and K5m PSIP,” asked Basil.
However, the question raised by Sam Basil saw the table turned with the Prime Minister making pointed remarks to the opposition member.
Prime Minister Peter O’Neill responded teasingly.
“As and when money becomes available, we are giving it to all the members, and mostly it is fairly done. There is no one treated above than the other,” said O’Neill.

“To the members concerned, out of the K10m, they have already received K4m…the last installment was transferred to their treasury account,” O’Neill answered.

“If they were in the country, they would know it’s there already,” he said.
Mr. O’Neill was alluding to opposition leader Belden Namah’s absenteeism over the past months in parliament.
There was no explanation given to parliament by Mr. Namah on the days he missed parliament seating’s.
Not even the Prime Minister’s provoking response did not move Mr. Namah, who remained tight lipped about his absenteeism.
However, his response triggered an exchange of abusive languages on the floor.

“Nothing has been transferred Mr. Prime Minister. You’re misleading this parliament and you’re lying…you will become the greatest liar as the Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea in history,” Basil responded to O’Neill.
The Prime Minister explained that each district had received either a quarter or half of the DSIP and PSIP funds for the year.


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