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Prime Minister Hon Peter O’Neill CMG MP announced today that the Government will ask the Police Commissioner to conduct a major investigation into the conduct of the former chairman Mr Sam Koim and the Taskforce Sweep.

“He said this in light of compelling evidences and reliable witnesses that Sam Koim and the Taskforce Sweep were politically compromised."

“Evidences before the Government show that Sam Koim has been meeting with key political figures, including the Deputy Opposition leader, Hon Sam Basil, MP privately in their residences and hotels since 2011.

Why was he meeting these political leaders in private places? He can’t be conducting interviews in private places.

Not only this, Sam Koim has openly discussed matters under investigations with his associates and people heavily linked to certain political figures in the country.

As a result Sam Koim has heavily compromised his position and the integrity of the Taskforce Sweep, O’Neill said."

I have said all along that the work of the Taskforce Sweep was politically compromised. Therefore, Warrant of Arrest issued for my Arrest was a “Major Political Plot," by self serving people to bring down the Government for their own greed.

It is nothing to do for the interest of the people. It was to fulfill their own selfish interest, and they have cleverly used an agency of the Government, established to eradicate corruptions to try and bring down the Government, by issuing Warrant of Arrest for the Prime Minister.

I am saddened with this turn of event, said O’Neill.

This Government established the Taskforce Sweep and appointed Mr Sam Koim, a young lawyer recommended to NEC by the Minister for National Planning Hon Sam Basil as chairman to conduct an investigation into the Department of Planning and Monitoring, disappearances of millions of kina for the National Agriculture Development Plan, (NADP) and Educational infrastructure development program, (RESI).

But it is clear, that Sam Koim has allowed himself to be used by these greedy politicians to destroy the integrity of the Taskforce Sweep by bringing down the Government.

Mr Sam Koim must come out and tell the nation, why was he meeting with these people, who could be potential witnesses or got case to explain?

“The conduct of this young lawyer has compromised the Taskforce Sweep and this Government’s effort to eradicate corruption in the public service."

The Government had no choice to have Sam Koim, and Taskforce Sweep disbanded. All ongoing investigations carried by Taskforce Sweep will be handled by the Police.

This Government is committed to fight against corruption, and the Commissioner of Police will be given every support to carry out and bring those perpetrators to account for their actions.

Hon O’Neill said that the investigation that the Government will ask the Commissioner of Police to conduct will investigate into the followings:

• Whether the conduct of Sam Koim in meeting these political leaders compromised ongoing investigations into the Department of National Planning and Monitoring, and disappearances of close to K2.0 billion for NADP, RESI and capital works program,

• Whether Sam Koim’s conduct deliberately compromised the investigations into payment made to Paraka Lawyers,

• Whether Sam Koim’s conduct politically compromised the work of the Taskforce Sweep,

• Allegations of certain member of the Taskforce including Sam Koim acquiring properties and assets worth millions of kina in the country and Overseas,

In addition, the investigation will also look into how financial resources, (close to K30.0m) allocated to the Taskforce Sweep was used and managed.

The Prime Minister O’Neill said there are clear evidences that Sam Koim and Taskforce Sweep have been politically compromised, and this investigation will shed light into the work of Taskforce Sweep and bring those perpetrators for this “Political Plot” to account for their actions in accordance with the rules of our Law.

The Government has the full confidences of the new Acting Commissioner of Police and the Judiciary system in carrying out their constitutional duties.

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