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NGO Group calls on PNG Government not to turn blind eye on West Papua

West Papuans are often face inhuman treatment from
Indonesian authorities. Photo: West Papua Campaing.
The Papua New Guinea NGO Group, People’s Power Movement (PPM) is concerned as to why the PNG Government is turning a blind eye to issues affecting our fellow Melanesian brothers and sisters in West Papua.
Keneth Moka, a fellow member of PPM spoke to PNGFM News, saying that Prime Minister Peter O’Neill seems to be more concerned about terror attacks in overseas countries like the one in France and Australia and has forgotten about brutal massacres happening in West Papua, just a border away from PNG.
“This is uncalled for a Prime Minister to not be concerned about what is happening at his own backyard, overlooking the inhumane treatment towards the people of West Papua”, said Mr Moka.
Mr Moka said that the people of West Papua are our closest neighbours and what Indonesian soldiers are doing to them is something that goes against the International Law Against Human Rights and something needs to be done about this at an international Level.
“PNG must take the lead in looking into the West Papuan Issue, and the PM should condemn such acts of massacre that Indonesian troops are doing to West Papuans,” he said.
Moka says, the PPM have condemned the blind eye given by our leaders as well as international human rights groups in PNG on addressing the West Papuan Issues and have asked concerned leaders to look into this issues.


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