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Maru disappointed over Trade imbalance between PNG and Fiji

There's disappointment over a trade imbalance between Papua New Guinea and Fiji.
Minister Richard Maru, announced his discontent after returning from talks with his Fijian counterpart, Faiyas Koya.
Mr. Maru says, Fijian imports from clothes, canned foods and water are on the increase in the country, but this is not the same for PNG exports to Fiji. He says, PNG canned foods like the ox and palm and other products are not on shop shelves in Fiji, adding that PNG hotels in Fiji do not even offer PNG coffee or the SP beer. Minister Maru, says Fiji currently exports over 58-million Kina in goods to PNG, while PNG only exports 4-million Kina to Fiji, which is an imbalance of over 50-million Kina. He says, he is keen to see more PNG products such as sugar, bilums, and fishery products both canned and fresh, hit the shelves in Fiji in a aggressive way from 2016 onward.
Richard Maru says, the establishment of a Pacific Trade Commission in Suva, will boost trade for PNG in Fiji and neighboring Pacific island countries. PNGFM / PNG Today

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