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Governor Parkop condemns attack on PMVs

Port Moresby city  Governor Powes Parkop has strongly condemned the action of those who sought to attack many Public Motor Vehicles (PMVs) over an incident that involved only one crew and passenger.
Condemning the behaviours of the perpetrators on behalf of the public who uses the public transport system on a daily basis, Governor Parkop said this behaviour of collective punishment and taking law into their own hands is not acceptable in this day and age and further more is unacceptable behaviour in the capital city.
“It is causing unnecessary problems for the City and I call on the perpetrators to stop the attacks on PMVs as soon as possible and let the police deal with the matter,” said Governor Parkop.
On the same token he said the National Land Transport Board which manages PMVs and public Transport in the City must come up with long term solutions to this recurring problem.
“Otherwise they should admit their incompetency and delegate the responsibility to the National Capital District Commission as the municipal authority in the City to manage public transport in the City,” said Governor Parkop.
“There are too many authorities charged with managing transport and public transport in the City and this is causing so much inconvenience and problems to the traveling public and road users generally. We need only one transport authority in the City and that can only be NCDC,” the Governor stressed.
He further stated that NCDC has started the process with former Transport minister William Duma and he is waiting to discuss this further with the new Minister Nixon Duban.
“I hope we can progress this to some finality soon so we can design a public transport system that is reliable, efficient and affordable and also better manage traffic in the City,” he said.
By doing that, the Governor said this can cut down all the jams and bottle necks in the City caused by frequent and unnecessary road blocks and unsupervised congested areas.

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