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Namah calls on immediate closure of Manus Refugee center and urges PM O'Neill to step down

Vanimo Green Member of Parliament, (MP) Belden Namah has challenged both the Governments of Australia and PNG to immediately close the Manus Island Refugee Centre as per the Supreme Court’s ruling, and for the Prime Minister Peter O’Neill to step down as Prime Minister.

“It’s highly important at this time with the current situation in our country and it is important for me to make this statement, today I thank God that the institutions have taken noticed and stood up, I see the trade unions coming up this is what we as the Opposition have been calling for, for the last 5 years. I parted with the O’Neill Government five months after I formed government with him because I foresaw what was going to happen and today I call on both Governments of Australia and PNG to shut down the Manus Island Processing Centre immediately as per the High Court’s ruling and for Prime Minister Peter O’Neill to step down as Prime Minister of this country”, said Minister Namah.
Mr Namah further revealed that it has been two weeks and nothing has been done to adhere to the courts orders by both the National Government and the Australian Government he said under the Somare Government a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed with Australia, for Australia to operate the facility on Manus Island as a refugee processing centre only with No refugee to be resettled in PNG.

“Peter O’Neill changed this arrangement when he signed the MOU for PNG to take over the facility and the responsibility of processing and resettlement of refugees in PNG this allowed Australia’s role to change and Australia became the provider of administrative, logistics and financial support, no MP in the history of the world has amended the constitution to accommodate another foreign countries domestic policy interest, said The Vanimo Green MP.
Mr Namah ended by calling on Papua New Guineans everywhere to take the country back as it is in need of urgent rescue, and for the whole country to rally with the UPNG students and from the other institutions, for the immediate resignation of the PM Peter O’Neill to save the country from further harm and humiliation.


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