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PNG internet exchange facility to be setup to reduce cost of internet

Papua New Guinea will set up a neutral internet exchange point facility that will reduce the cost of information and communication technology services widely.

Information and Communication Minister Jimmy Miringtoro said the setting up of this critical facility will enhance the development of internet in the country and facilitate reductions in the retail cost of the internet to consumers.

“Like provision of electricity services and water supply, the internet is a powerful tool in aiding economic and social development in these modern times, and they can harness its tremendous information power to these ends,” he said.

Miringtoro said the Government truly appreciates the assistance afforded by internet society in setting up PNG’s first neutral internet exchange point facility.

“We are indeed fortunate to have fine internet experts from internet society, internet exchange points and ICT operator to interacting with them.”

He said it was well known that the knowledge and technology transfer was invaluable and there was no better way to thank the experts except to say that PNG will put the facility to good use in further developing it ICT industry.

Miringtoro made a call to those who will be participating in the event, particularly ISPs, NICTA to set aside individual motivations... Read more >> PNG Technology News


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