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UPNG students threaten mass withdrawal

The University of Papua New Guinea's Student Representative Council have set two conditions for the university Administration to act on within twenty four hours.
The two conditions are that the administration prepare forms for a mass withdrawal of students, and that it refund all tuition fees for the students, for the remaining semesters.
A student leader told NBC News, the student body made known their demands to Vice Chancellor Professor Albert Mellam at the Waigani Forum Square this afternoon.
Angry students demanded the school administration to provide an explanation when it failed to bring in the PNG Electoral Commission to conduct the referendum this week.
The administration led by Professor Albert Mellam addressed the students, telling them that its attempt to bring in the Electoral Commission was not possible because the Commissioner is not in the country.
The Electoral Commission says, it will not conduct a referendum at the SRC's request ,and its awaiting a formal request from the administration.
This has frustrated the student to go on a mass withdrawal, and they are demanding the administration to facilitate with cash refund of their fees.
The entire Solomon Islands student population attending the University of Papua New Guinea have packed their bags and vacated the university, as anti-government protests grow tense at the Waigani campus.
Up to 60 students have sought refuge at the Solomon Islands Chancery at Waigani yesterday afternoon, in fear of the situation getting out of hand.
A source at the diplomatic office at Waigani told NBC News, the students ran off campus with their entire belongings.
The source says, the country's Education Attache is currently housing them at a hotel in Port Moresby, but did not say if they would be flown out of the country.
The source says, both the Solomon Island Government and its High Commission in Port Moresby, are not happy with the students' actions, saying they are concerned this might send a message that PNG's Melanesian brother is supporting the student-led anti-government protest.
Solomon Islands students are co-sponsored by the PNG Government to study in the country.

NBC News / PNG Today

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