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Positive turnouts as students resume classes

There have been some positive turnouts with the universities around the country involved in boycotting classes to protest against the prime minister.

The Chief Secretary for Government Mr. Isaac Lupari in a media brief  after meeting with the Vice Chancellors said there have been breakthroughs in dialogue between students’ representatives and the university administrations, resulting in classes already resuming for some universities.

The Chief Secretary said this is a positive step forward with classes already resuming for UNRE, University of Technology in Lae and for the UPNG Medical School.

“The main aim of what we are doing is to encourage students to return to class,” Mr. Lupari said.
However, some students are still refusing to return to class, but Lupari hopes these few will eventually join the rest following negotiations and counselling services, for the cost implications will be in the millions if the academic year was cancelled.

Mr. Lupari also took the time to express his concern on the use of social media and its impacts on situations like the recent UPNG shooting and following unrest in Port Moresby.
“As responsible Papua New Guineans it is our responsibility to be careful of what we post on social media, not to incite any major trouble in the country,” he said.
Lupari said the social media is a useful tool, but can be harmful when not used properly. PNGFM/PNGToday

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