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Nalu College of Advanced Education needs government support

Church-Government Partnership in bringing in sustainable development changes in the education and health sectors throughout the districts in PNG is vital and must be maintained.
A matriculation center setup and run by the Catholic Diocese of Aitape in West Sepik, the Nalu College of Advanced Education, needs attention from the government with funding to sustain it's operation in order to cater for the growing number of students enrollments.
Head of Nalu, Brother Thomas Rice said that the college has brought changes in terms of getting school dropouts to complete their education and find employment and further the growth of their district.
"I don't know why the district administration is not seeing what has been achieved in the past years since it's establishment in 2002."
"I had asked the district administration for funding some three years ago and was promised K200,000.00, but I have not received in money yet until now we are still waiting," said Brother Rice.
"Human resource development is vital for sustainable change,"he said.
Pictures: Nalu College of Advanced Education, Aitape/ PNGFM

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