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PNG's credibility in hosting 2017 Rugby League World Cup matches questioned after violence

The violent actions of a Mt Hagen Eagles rugby league official over the weekend on a Digicel Cup match official has garnered widespread International and local condemnation resulting in many questioning PNG’s credential as a host nation to the Rugby league World Cup (RLWC) 2017, this was revealed by Minister for Sports and National Events Justin Tketchenko.

Minister Tketchenko revealed that a lot had been invested to bring the national sport (Rugby League) of the country out of the sad state it was in a few years ago, and while there a positive aspects of the games progression in recent times, this one act has brought the country into the spot light for all the wrong reason bringing the game in disrepute.

“I haven’t met the new RLWC CEO Andrew Hill yet, but I will have to brief him on the incident at the Digicel Cup, it brings question marks to our capability of hosting this event, this is not a small thing this has caused a huge problem for us on the international scene, the stupidity of this person and this act has damaged us in more ways than one.” Stated Tketchenko.

With PNG earmarked to host the RLWC 2017 along with Australia and New Zealand between the 26th of October 2016 and the 02nd of December 2017, Sports Minister Tketchenko ended on a high note saying that regardless of one or two individuals tarnishing the countries reputation he will in his capacity ensure that the RLWC goes ahead in PNG and highlighted that we need to keep moving forward and promoting sports and the country and ensuring everything is ready for the sporting fixtures that are still to come.


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