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Mangape turns down K5 million offer to defect from Opposition

PORT MORESBY: Laigap-Porgera MP Nixon Mangape has admitted publically that he has rejected a K5 million offer by the government to defect from the Opposition.

Mr Mangape said he was offered with what he claimed as a bribe to leave the Opposition Leader Don Polye’s Triumph Heritage Empowerment party and join the ruling People’s National Congress party.

He said it happened during the intensive lobbying leading up to the vote of no-confidence against the Prime Minister Peter O’Neill in July.

“Me soim kela blo me na tok me save lo money. Kela blo me ya money mekim na em kamap kela. I pointed at my bald head and told them that I know money. It made my head to grow bald,” he told a huge record crowd in Wabag town on yesterday (Friday) at the launch of an association.

He added that he also told them that he was mandated by the people of Laigap-Porgera district to address their issues and not his own.

“Two Kina meri ol I save givim K2 na me no K2 meri. A sex worker can be brain-washed with K2 to satisfy one’s sexual desire but not me.

Mangape has described 21 MPs in the Opposition as true leaders and not politicians.

“85 of our fellow MPs are politicians. They were selfish when they supported the government which has been at the centre of many controversial decisions.

“We fought for the betterment of PNG. We have persevered to ensure our people break free from the bondage of corruption and poverty among others,” he said.

Mangape is the shadow minister for Mining and Petroleum in the alternative Government ranks.

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