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Medical supplies from the United States bound for PNG

UNITED States based non-governmental organisation, Niugini Foundation, and its partners will be shipping medical containers as Christmas gifts to hospitals and health centres.

"We have raised K200,000 with our partners in the States to meet one-third of the cost. So it’s a huge privilege for hospitals and health centres to make use of this opportunity," Foundation head James Kisa said.

He said a medical container would cost K80,000.

"My foundation (Niugini Foundation) is working on finishing out our contributions for 2016, and so we’re focused on what will be timely for this year versus next year.

"Also, I want to mention that we can do a ‘supplies only’ container with our partner MedShare for a total of K27,000 for your funds and that much from my foundation and its partners in the State."

He said recipient hospitals could pick whatever they want from the MedShare supplies inventory, and that it was possible to select container contents with an even higher overall value than a container that also contained some equipment.

"We can’t give you excess to our online inventory store unless you have funds ready to receive the medical container.

"Once you do that we’ll give you a password and user name to login and start requesting the supplies and equipment.

"Hope we can bless the hospitals or health centres with great Christmas gifts." Read more on >> PNG Health news Online

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