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Inflight entertainment for PNG Air customers

PNG Air will be keeping its customers entertained on board a number of its flights (selected) starting today (Dec 13).

“We’d like to help people get into the Christmas spirit and also say thanks to all those who have supported us in our first year of operation,” says Chief Commercial Officer Paul Abbot.

“Together with the team from EMTV and a number of the stars from the hit series Vocal Fusion, passengers checking in and on board the aircraft will be treated to live entertainment as our way of ending the year on a high.”

Artists featured on PNG Air flights for the next two weeks include Joseph Ehava, Theo Benjamin, Didi Maru, Isaiah Mano and Peter Ho’leong.

“Don’t be surprised also if you see some of our very talented flight attendants joining in as part of the fun,” Abbot says.
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