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PNG National Health Board supports PNG-Cuba agreement

The Papua New Guinea  National Health Board fully supports and will monitor the implementation of the PNG-Cuba Health Diplomacy, says the board’s deputy chairman Dr Mathias Sapuri.

The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed on Nov 23 (Cuba time) between the two Governments.

The MoU includes the following categories;

I.              Health Workforce.

In the next three months, 20 to 30 primary health Cuban doctors will be deployed to at least ten district hospitals in the country where there are no doctors. An immediate deployment of a cancer specialist to Angau Hospital will be done, and employment of some biomedical technologists. Provide Professors to the proposed new University of Medicine and Health Science that will be established by the O’Neill – Dion Government, and it will be called the 'Papua New Guinea University Medicine & Health Sciences'.

II.            Health Research and Training.

Assist PNG in health research and collaboration. Assist PNG in training its PNG Medical University post-graduate students in masters and post-masters training. Assist to train our biomedical technologist and other cadres in health work force.

III.           Medicines and medical supplies and technology.

Cuba to assist PNG with medical drugs and vaccines for general medical diseases and non-communicable drugs in diabetes, cancer and hypertension. Assist PNG with medical supplies and diagnostic technologies.

IV.          Information and communication technology.

To assist PNG with Health Information and Technology.

V.           Asset and Infrastructure.

Assist PNG with health assets and infrastructure development and reestablish a reliable rural health care system.

“Meanwhile, the national doctors who are without jobs or employed outside of the public health system, and wishing to join the public health sector, should immediately contact National Department of Health Human Resource Department to fill in the current vacancies,” Dr Sapuri stated in a statement.

“Others could apply directly to Provincial Health Authorities through the CEOs.

“National Department of Health and the Government of PNG will also explore options with other countries with similar arrangements for specialist doctors, specialist nurses, midwives and all the other cadres of health professionals.”

He says the objective is to rebuild our national health work force in the immediate and medium term.

The deal also aims to rebuild our national health training institutions and establish the new University of Medicine and Health Sciences, to expand and train our own human resource in Papua New Guinea.
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