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PNGFA elections illegal

Soccer lovers across Papua New Guinea are thrown into a state of confusion by the ongoing political infighting among the Papua New Guinea Football Association leaders.

The Annual General Meeting held yesterday at Kimbe saw the long serving PNGFA president David Chung re-elected as president for yet another term by six member participants.
Hekari Chairman, John Kapi Nato and his camp of suspended PNGFA members were not too happy about the results of the AGM and are questioning the legality of the quorum.

Mr Nato who was one of the nominees for the presidency seat said he along with the suspended members were not given airline tickets to attend the AGM. He said invitation was served firstly and then suspension given again so they couldn’t make it there.
“How did they come up with a quorum that’s the question that everybody is asking today.”
“If it is 11 members then you have to go by 50% plus 1 which makes about 6.5 and then you have to round it off to 7. But there are only 6 there in Kimbe you need 7 to make the quorum.”
“That is why everyone is really confused about what is going on so we are all sitting down trying to figure out where do we go next?”

“For me I’ve been too soft, I see that the way Mr. Chung is taking this forward, I have no other choice but go to court."
“The Way forward for me- enough is enough! I have written to FIFA three times now, FIFA has not come in yet.”
“I’ve expressed that to the administration of football to Oceania they have all turned their ears and given their justifications to me.”
Meanwhile, the new PNGFA team includes Apepi (Mt Hagen), Jack Paya (NBPOL), Simon Koima, Maha Waname (Kimbe), Diana Ulka (Simbu), John Wesley (PMSA) David Chung (President) Shem Farrock (Wau) after the Elective Congress at Liamo Reef Resort at Kimbe on 28 Dec 2016. PNGFM
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