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Scientists say PNG will experience more rain than usual

Weather scientists, say Papua New Guinea will experience more rainfall then usual for the next five months.
Director of the National Weather Office, Samuel Maiha, says the predicted La Nina weather will set in together with the usual wet season, bringing more rain than usual.
"There will be a slight increased risk of floods.
"Because it is our wet season the rainfall will be slightly wetter over the next five months or so.
"But there will be some fine conditions in the middle of this period.
"And at times there'll be rains and floods.
"But the overall picture over the next five months will be that we should receive a little more rain than we would receive in the usual wet season.
"That runs from November to about May.
Samuel Maiha, said domestic and cash crops are most likely to be affected by the wet season.
He said its important industries and village communities prepare for this season.
"And of course some of our commodities will also be affected like oil palm.
"If we have a lot of rainfall then our most important agricultural commodity oil palm, will definitely result in less production over the period immediately superseding May next year.
The National Weather Office is also warning people especially boat owners and people living near river banks and coastlines, to take extra precaution during this wet season.
Mr. Maiha said its important for people to take heed of warnings and act accordingly.
"People ought to be listening to our warnings, over the next five or six months.
"It will be wet so slightly increased risks of flooding, slightly increased risk of bad weather in the oceans, and slightly increased risk of landslides".
NBC News/PNG Today
Photo: National Weather Service (PNG)
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