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Polye calls on PM O'Neill to abolish Housing Tax, introduce a supplementary budget

PORT MORESBY: Opposition Leader Don Polye has renewed a call on the Prime Minister Peter O’Neill to immediately introduce a supplementary budget each for 2016 and 2017 Budgets.

“I would like to call on the government to introduce a supplementary budget each for 2016 and 2017 Budgets in January’s Parliament session.
“In that our alternative government proposes that a harsh taxation regime for housing allowances should be abolished,” said Mr Polye.
He has described the government’s new taxation strategy for housing allowance as desperate and harsh.
“This is what I said in our Budget Reply. Taxation strategy for housing allowance is so harsh at the wrong time.
“It is a desperate action by the government to raise revenue when it has mismanaged the economy and country’s cash flow. What the Prime Minister has done is that he has tried his best to raise money in the areas that he thinks that he can get away easily when he has run the country’s economy down. I did say that. I did argue that in the Opposition’s Budget reply,” he said.
He said housing tax was not a good one, adding it will push our working class people to the edge of poverty.

“This is what a desperate government does after running down the cash flow or the economy down. When there is no revenue coming in, the country’s coffers have been depleted through exorbitant spendings, it is desperate to meet costs. Without any reservation, they have crafted a very poor taxation regime to rob our people.
I am very sorry that we have a government which has done this without even thinking. I feel very sorry for the people of this nation because many families will be fighting with each other over little pay they get.
“I am seeing many families will be broken up. Children will go without food. Wives will not understand their hubbies as they may tend to think that they have been deceived by them with excuses of spending their pays on pokies or beer.
“In reality the tax devours almost everything. It is good that our people are going through such so that they learn lessons to be wise in electing leaders next year,” he said.
The Opposition Leader said the Prime Minister and his treasurer should review the whole budget for 2017.
He wants them to tell the truth, saying 2017 Budget is not K12. 9 billion as claimed but it is more than K21. 7 billion.
Polye said his lawyers were working on to establish legal faults in the budget.
He added that once that was done, he would seek an urgent court injunction to stop its implementation next year.
“2016 Budget is also a scam as it was overspent illegally without proper appropriations. It needs correction as well.
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