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Australia commits $US330 million to Pacific tuna surveillance

RNZ reports the monitoring of tuna fishing vessels operating in the Pacific will receive a significant boost this year through the new Australian Aerial Surveillance Support program.

Just over $US11 million will be provided annually by Australia over the next 30 years to support the Forum Fisheries Agency in its management of the world's largest tuna fishery.

FFA director general James Movick said under the programme his agency will have access to surveillance aircraft pretty much all year round.

"With one or several aircraft that we will be able to utilise around the region," Mr Movick said.

"Additional aerial surveillance will give us much needed additional capability for surveillance of small boat activities like these Vietnamese blue boats. As well as continuing to enhance our tuna surveillance capabilities."

Mr Movick said the groundwork is already underway with the intention of having it up and running by July.
Source: Radio New Zealand
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