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Connection to IXP facility to see fall in internet costs in PNG

INTERNET costs in PNG are set to go down by 10 per cent now that two service providers have connected to the new neutral internet exchange point (IXP) facility set up by NICTA. NICTA chief executive officer (CEO) Charles Punaha confirmed this, stating Digitec and Datec have connected to the facility and started operating live as of Tuesday. Others are expected to follow suit after the completion of the upgrading of their respective facilities to the internet protocol version 4 and 6 (IPv4/IPv6) routing, which IXP will enable all 15 internet service providers to connect.

Mr Punaha said the neutral IXP facility will enable speed and eliminate the cost of high internet rates in the country. He said they are hoping that by the end of the week PNG DataCo will be able to connect to the IXP, including Digicel.

Mr Punaha said the IXP facility will provide for local peering, meaning the facility will enable internet traffic to be exchanged at a central point instead of hooking up with different and expensive points. He said because of that, PNG has been experiencing very high costs of internet rates, but with the IXP installed through the help of the Internet Society (ISOC) the prices are likely to come down by 10 per cent. “Therefore, all ISPs are encouraged to connect to the IXP to enhance and fast track the development of internet in the country in terms of local content creation, storage and delivery and of course help to lower the retail cost of internet to consumers.

‘This will be encouraged through local peering which keeps local traffic local, therefore minimising transitory costs, and also caching which keeps foreign content local,” he said. He added that APNIC and ISOC are assisting in discussion with NICTA to have Google and other providers come onboard and connect through the IXP hosted locally by bringing their services and having it hosted locally for PNG users. read more on >> PNG Technology News
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