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PNGEC defends decision to print ballot papers overseas

The PNG Electoral Commission said, there is no law stopping it from printing ballot papers overseas.

Chief Electoral Commissioner, Patilias Gamato said this in defence of the commission going across the border to have Papua New Guinea's 10-million ballot papers for the 2017 National Elections printed in Indonesia.

Mr Gamato said its decision to print overseas, was because it was quoted a hefty K23 million by the Government Printing Office for the job, whereas, it would only cost K6.6 million with Indonesia's Pura Group of Companies, an overseas partner of local printing company, Treid Pacific Limited.

Mr Gamato said a thorough process of assessment and evaluation was done, and the approval was given by Central Supply and Tenders Board.

Meantime, Patilias Gamato said, he's confident the ballot papers will not be duplicated because he's visited the factory and held talks with the management of Pura Group of Companies.

Mr Gamato further said the facility is a high-level security company that also prints ballot papers for Indonesia, including features of some currencies.

NBC News/ PNG Today
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