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1 000 West Papuans to get PNG citizenship

MORE than 1000 West Papuan refugees living in East Awin, Western Province, will be granted Papua New Guinea citizenship soon, the Post Courier reports.

The refugees were scheduled to receive their citizenship certificates two weeks ago.

But the Citizenship Advisory Committee which was initially chaired by Kabwum MP Bob Dadae was postponed because it coincided with the Parliament’s election of the new vice regal.

Immigration and Citizenship acting Chief Migration Officer Solomon Kantha was contacted on the matter but advised that the Minister for Foreign Affairs Rimbink Pato would make the official announcement soon.

Parliament voted Mr Dadae, the initial chair of the committee, as the 10th Governor-General on the day the citizenship committee was to convene its meeting.

According to  Post-Courie,r ,PNG Government was also working on granting citizenship for those in Port Moresby, Manus and those living along border towns of the country.

The Citizenship Advisory Committee is now currently chaired by acting head and Telefomin MP Solan Mirisim who could not be contacted as he was in his electorate last week.

The United Nations High Commission for Refugees and the Papua New Guinea government in their recent reports recognised those in East Awin as refugees. Recent reports detailed that there were currently about 10,400 West Papuan refugees living in East Awin and in other centres in Papua New Guinea, specifically Port Moresby, Manus and other border camps. Post Courier/ PNG Today
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