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Governor-General-elect Dadae vows to serve PNG with integrity

Papua New Guinea's Governor-General-elect and member for Kabwum said being simple, honest and being people-centred are virtues of a good leader.

Mr Dadae was sharing his political life and experience during the past three terms as Member for Kabwum, in his final speech in Parliament yesterday before resigning to take up his post as the vice regal.

He said although different districts have different ways, the three virtues were an integral part of his life and being a good leader.

He said he had no office but was a walking office and made the trees and villages his office, living and getting the grievances of the people.

Dadae said the people gave him the mandate to represent them for 15 years, and he is making the next climb when Parliament voted for him on Wednesday.

He said it had been a privilege to have been elected as Member for Kabwum and now given a new key to represent the Queen in the country as Head of State.

He said he has the experience as chairman of different parliamentary committees, one-time deputy speaker and Minister of Defence.

"I want to take this time to thank my people and my supporters, the Parliament and my PNC party led by the Prime Minister Peter O’Neill, for the trust and confidence in my leadership to take up the new post as Governor General.

"The leadership is for the people, so I thank my people especially my voters and supporters. I also thank God and my wife Anna from Bulolo and family for their undivided support all these years.

"I want to assure the Parliament that I will maintain integrity of the office. I will truly serve the Queen and the State of PNG by maintaining its integrity and dignity. I will uphold and protect the Constitution and the democracy.

"I will make sure that all advice must be done in consultation before I sign documents.

"Although the office will be a ceremonial one, If there is any other thing I can do, then I will be visiting the far flunked communities. I want to go out to the disadvantaged, the voiceless and the helpless and be with them and eat kaukau (sweet potatoes) with them.

"My wife and I will continue to help the disadvantaged as we are not new to doing that in Kabwum. I never had an office as I use to be a walking office, but I will be in prison and as a grassroot I will find the new office different, but I will get used to it as I go through it.

"I believe in the national pledge ‘We are one country, one people and one nation’ God bless PNG." Post Courier
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