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More students miss out on TESAS Scholarships

MANY students had missed out on Tesas scholarship this year according to the Unitech acting Vice-Chancellor Dr Kaul Gena.

Gena clarified that scholarship quires by students were to be handled by selection officers at the Department of Higher Education Research and Technology for the criteria used in the selection.
A Unitech final-year accounting student Chriana Raymond who was previously on the Tesas scholarship last year and missed out on scholarships this year expressed that the 2016 semester 2 studies was an academic struggle for many students.

“The boycott of classes in June last year has disrupted almost five weeks of studies at the campus,” Raymond told The National newspaper.

“We had to study for exams, tests and complete major assignments within a limited amount of time adding to an extra work load in our studies.”
She said academic studies on campus were currently a priority among other social commitments.
Meanwhile, over 1000 graduates will be graduating at the University of Technology scheduled for April 21. The National/ PNG Today
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