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Pacific Legal Network joins IAG International (IAG)

The Pacific members Pacific Legal Network have joined global legal and advisory group IAG
International. IAG is represented across more than 75 countries world-wide.
Each year IAG holds three Assemblies, one in each of Asia Pacific, Europe and the Americas, and it
was at the Asia Pacific Assembly this year, in Mumbai, that Pacific Legal Network's membership was
ratified. The membership extends to all of the firms which make up the network across the South

IAG is a global network of lawyers and tax advisers; it allows for uncomplicated access to costeffective legal, tax and business solutions backed by a powerful family of independent professional firms around the globe. IAG members include lawyers, accountants, tax advisers and fiduciaries, some of whom work in association with other specialists: economists, real estate advisers or financial advisers.

John Ridgway (Managing Principal of Pacific Legal Network) commented:
“Our own Pacific based network is unique across the Pacific. By joining IAG, we are now in the
enviable position of having our own network be a member of a much larger world-wide network.

This most recent development highlights our progressive approach to finding ways to help our clients
manage their business and take advantage of the opportunities that the global marketplace has to
"Joining IAG benefits all our clients, wherever they are located, and it further advances the ability to
simplify the process of being represented in multiple countries, which is at the heart of the Pacific
Legal Network."
“We believe in all our Pacific firms and we are always looking for ways to empower our lawyers.
Fundamentally joining IAG will give our young Pacific based lawyers the opportunity to work with
lawyers and advisers everywhere.”
Keith Iduhu, partner of Fairfax Legal (the Pacific Legal Network firm in Papua New Guinea),

“It was a great honour and privilege to be able to represent the members of the Pacific Legal Network
at the IAG Assembly in Mumbai. It was truly humbling to rub shoulders with business leaders and
leading lawyers from across our globe.”
“Being a part of Pacific Legal Network has changed the way that we look at ourselves and the way
that we look at opportunities for our clients and contacts. It has also changed our approach to
opportunities for our own young Pacific lawyers. Joining IAG has taken this to another level again.
Papua New Guinea has some of the largest international investment projects being undertaken
anywhere so being able to tap into global advisory network will bolster our ability to deliver services to our clients.”

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