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Cash is in the bag for lucky Trukai “Roots” consumers

In a promotion resembling a real life version of the famous ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ children’s tale, Trukai is giving their customers the chance to win 1,000 Kina instantly.

Trukai Industries’ core brand, Roots Rice, has long been the staple of choice for those on a very tight budget or with many mouths to feed, and Trukai is continuing its focus on rewarding its loyal consumers by giving them the chance to win 1,000 Kina in cash, when they buy a 10kg or 20kg bag of Roots Medium Grain Rice.

This is an “Instant Win” promotion that ends 30th April, and is currently running nationwide.

The chance to win big is simple. When consumers purchase a bag of Roots Medium Grain Rice in the 10kg and 20kg variety only, they can look inside the bag and see if it contains a special ROOTS token in the shape of a heart. If you find the heart, you’ve won!

Each heart is valued at 1,000 Kina and with 50 hearts originally to be found nationwide, though a few lucky winners have so far been registered.
The first winner from Lae was awarded their K1000 cash recently. Winners are to redeem the heart for cash and you can find, win and redeem more than one heart.

The lucky customer who finds the heart in their rice purchase is to present it to their nearest Trukai Depot, where it will be validated for authenticity and their Identification confirmed.

All cash prizes are issued through Post PNG’s Salim Moni Kwik.

The heart-shaped tokens are easily recognisable. On the front of the red heart-shaped token there is the ROOTS Rice logo, while on the back of the token is a message of congratulations with instructions to take the token to your nearest Trukai office.

“It is similar to the prize in the famous story ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’, where you buy and look inside to the pack to win,” explained Andrew Daubney, General Manager – Sales & Marketing for Trukai Industries.

“Our message is “Painim Lewa” which is tok pisin, and when translated basically means ‘Look for the Heart/Love’. So in essence, we’re asking out consumers to find the ‘heart’ of Roots Rice, and win.”

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