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Digicel Selects Affirmed Networks as Strategic Partner for its Global Network Transformation Program

ACTON, MASSACHUSETTS, USA, February 28, 2017 – Affirmed Networks, the leader in virtualized mobile networks, today announced that Digicel, an innovative mobile communications provider with operations in 31 markets, has selected its virtualized Mobile Content Cloud (MCC) solution for deployment across the Caribbean, Central America and Asia Pacific.  This selection is a cornerstone in Digicel’s recently-announced “Digicel 2030” global transformation program designed to provide customers with a “superior superfast network experience.” The evolution to a 5G-ready, virtualized architecture will allow Digicel to embrace LTE today and 5G in the near future.

Digicel recognized the inflexibility of legacy solutions to improve network capacity across the markets it serves.  Many of these markets are individual islands located across the Caribbean and Asia Pacific.  Affirmed Networks’ fully-virtualized Mobile Content Cloud solution, enables Digicel to deploy a distributed virtualized network delivering consumer, enterprise and IoT service offerings across their dispersed geographies.   The Affirmed MCC delivers the flexibility required to meet the changing needs of each market.

This deployment enables Digicel to flexibly tailor services based on the needs of each individual market, and to centrally-manage the services being delivered to the more than 31 countries in their coverage area. Overall operational expense and complexity associated with managing the network across their vast footprint is significantly reduced through service automation.

“As part of our 2030 network transformation program we are focused on providing our customers – regardless of location – with the best possible communications experience.  Our move to a virtualized architecture supports this goal, allowing us to put in place a network capable of handling the unique needs and requirements of subscribers across diverse markets,” said Colm Delves, Group CEO, Digicel.  “Throughout our transformation program we have been impressed with Affirmed Network’s market leading solution as it has delivered the ability to quickly deploy a next-generation network that will allow us to execute against our broader vision as a company and maximize our customers service experience.”

“With a focus on quality of their network and the services they offer, Digicel is an important force driving growth and prosperity in their region,” said Hassan Ahmed, Affirmed Networks' Chairman & CEO.  “We are honored to support their continued innovation by providing Digicel with a fully virtualized, advanced, agile network capable of delivering LTE services today, and supporting 5G services as they become more broadly available.”

Today, Affirmed Networks has more than 50 customers across five continents, including some of the world’s largest and most innovative operators.

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