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New progress in China-Tonga civil aviation cooperation

A high-level delegation from China has held discussions on China’s continuous support to Tonga’s civil aviation technology and aircraft operation.

The delegation from Civil Aviation Administration of China and the Aviation Industry Corporation of China was led by Mr. Li Jian, Deputy Director General of the CAAC.

There were meetings with the Deputy Prime Minister, Siaosi Sovaleni and the Minister for Infrastructure and Tourism, Semisi Sika in Nuku’alofa during the visit last week.

Discussions also focussed on cooperation in air transportation, pushing for the China-Tonga direct flight and deepening cooperation in tourism.

The delegation and the Civil Aviation Division (CAD) of Tonga also had consultations on China’s assistance for the sustained and safe operation of MA60 in Tonga and signed the Record of Discussion on Deepening Cooperation in Civil Aviation Safety between the CAD of Tonga and the CAAC.

This cooperation plays a positive role in further promoting cooperation in civil aviation between China and Tonga.

A four-party meeting participated by the CAD of Tonga, the CAAC, the Pacific Aviation Safety Office (PASO) and the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) of New Zealand was also held in Nuku’alofa.

The meeting was proposed by the CAAC with the aim of reaching consensus on supporting the CAD of Tonga to strengthen its capability of safety oversight and ensuring the sustained and safe operation of civil aircrafts in Tonga through discussion and exchanges.

All the four parties attached great importance to this meeting and showed their positive attitude.

They believed that it is of great significance for Tonga to improve its capability of safety oversight.

Minutes of Discussion was signed at the end of the meeting where the CAAC, the PASO as well as the CAA of New Zealand all expressed willingness to provide technical support to Tonga.
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