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PM O'Neill says Free Education and Health Care Policy will not stop

Prime Minister, Peter O’Neill has assured the people of Morobe and Oro Province that the government’s free education and health care policy will continue despite challenges faced.

Mr O’Neill said a lot of changes had been done and people have seen government services reaching them since 2012 under O’Neill Dion government.

He said there are challenges like increasing number of students in the classrooms, not enough teachers, not enough health workers, but that doesn’t mean the right of every individual to free education and health care will stop.

 “Because of free education, the number of children attending schools around the country has doubled and tripled to 3 million plus students” said PM O’Neill.

“I am so pleased to see reports of infrastructure developments in schools throughout the country and I’m proud of that,” he said.

He assured that the government will ensure challenges are met at all cost to allow every child in the country to have access to better education services.Post Courier/PNG Today
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