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PNG Hunters promote 'Education is important'

“Education and seeking knowledge is important.”
That is the message the SP Hunters will give to children and students at four schools this week as a lead up to this weekend’s home game against Norths Devils in Port Moresby on Sunday.
PNGRFL CEO Reatau Rau said the concept is to use rugby league through the SP Hunters that education is important in every child’s life.
“This initiative by Michael Marum and his Hunters coaching staff is part of the PNGRFL strategic plan to use elite rugby league players promote education awareness programs,” Rau said.
He said the Hunters are already ambassadors of Buk Bilong Pikinini and in collaboration with them and the Australian NRL PNG staff have identified four libraries/schools to visit and promote this message.
“The Hunters will be divided into four (4) groups and with four development officers from the NRL office who deliver the Lig Bilon Laif program will visit the Monier and Evedahana libraries at 9 Mile, 6 Mile and UPNG libraries on Wednesday,” Rau said.
He added there will be classroom activities including reading as well as outdoor games with the Hunters players followed by questions from these little minds to the players.
At least 20 children will be invited to watch the game on Sunday and they can wave their banners and sing songs or chant and support the Hunters from their corners.
“The best part is that we will giveaway tickets to some lucky students and ask that they be accompanied to the game by a parent or guardian,” Rau said.
Meantime, PNGRFL Chairman Sandis Tsaka said that any child- boy or girl- who wants to represent PNG must be in school.
“Pathways and opportunities to become a Hunter or Kumul will come by if you are in school.
There will be schoolboys’ competitions and you can only be part of this if you are in school,” Tsaka said.
The Education week concept will be spread throughout the country and applied at all local leagues.
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