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Polye takes T.H.E Party to rural areas

The Parliamentary leader for Triumph Heritage Empowerment Party and Opposition Leader, Don Pomb Polye is making inroads into the rural areas carrying out awareness on his party’s policies.

Mr Polye visited Pura area in the outback of Kandep electorate carrying out awareness among the rural population.

The area is located among the rugged terrain and very remote but this did NOT stop Mr Polye from visiting his people.
He took a 20 minutes helicopter ride from Mt Hagen to Pura in Kandep in the Enga province where he was welcome by over two thousand people.

Mr Polye held meetings with tribal leaders and chiefs prior to his meeting with general population.
He took the opportunity to educate the people on his party’s policies.
Mr Polye has been passionate about equipping youths of this nation with technical skills and to empower them to contribute to the development of this nation.
He said when his party forms the next government; he will ensure youths are equipped with technical skills to contribute to this nation’s growth.

Mr Polye also told the people the he will revive the Agriculture sector, inject funds into this sector and encourage rural population to venture deeper into agricultural activities.
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