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Polye to take ATS petition to parliament

The Opposition will lay formal complaint with the fraud squad to conduct investigations into how a former governor of a province obtained the title to a portion of land within the ATS settlement just outside the city.
The land in dispute is currently occupied by the settlers who are threatened with eviction.

Opposition Leader, Don Pomb Polye said he will also write to the Ombudsman Commission and make available copies of the petition by the settlers, opposing eviction.
The Opposition leader will also engage in separate dialogue with Finance Minister and Lands Minister on how the title of the land was obtained by a former politician.

MrPolye said because ATS is predominately occupied by the people of Oro, he will hold discussions with two open members of Sohe and Ijivitari and even Oro governor on how best they can stop the eviction from happening until investigations into the land deal determines its legality.
MrPolye said this whilst accepting a petition by thousands of people living at ATS who are threatened with eviction.
MrPolye who will take this petition to Parliament to draw wider attention on the plight of the ATS people said he will do everything within his powers to help the people.
He told the people not to panic but take courage and stand with him as he takes their case to Parliament.

“If they send in bulldozers and graders to remove you from the land you are living, I personally will come down and sit with you and together, we will face these machines,” MrPolye said this to a cheering crowd.
The Opposition leader and his delegation yesterday visited the ATS settlement to receive the petition.
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