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Taskforce Sweep Team appeal hearing date set

THE appeal against the National Court decision which confirmed the disbanding of the Taskforce Sweep Team is set for hearing on April 26.

The parties appeared before the Supreme Court for directions hearing yesterday.

"Appeal is fixed for hearing for one day on April 26 starting 9.30am," Chief Justice Sir Salamo Injia said.

In its lead up, Sir Salamo also issued several directions in regards to the preparing of the appeal book and set 9.30am Monday, April 10, as the date for the status conference.

At the root of the matter was the two National Executive Council’s decision to disband the Taskforce Sweep Team and establish the Independent Commission Against Corruption as a replacement.

Mr Koim, as chairman for the Taskforce Sweep Team filed a judicial review of the two decisions.

Last December, Justice Collin Makail dismissed the review saying the two decisions were public policy decisions that fell within NEC’s discretion and that Mr Koim lacked legal standing as his contract with the Solicitor-General, which had enabled him to become the taskforce chairman had expired before he initiated the proceeding.

Mr Koim is appealing against that decision.

Last month, Chief Justice Sir Salamo Injia granted an interim stay ordering Mr O’Neill, NEC and their agents to refrain from carrying Justice Makail’s orders until final determination of the appeal. Post Courier/ PNG Today
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