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'The World' visits Solomons' Njari Island

WHEN ‘The World’ cruise ship entered Solomon waters, the tourists on board were curious about the Njari Island in West Gizo.

Their anxious waiting ended last week when they docked at the island.

On Friday, they visited diving sites, WWII wrecks to reefs that have some of the highest fish counts in the world at Njari Island.

Richard, from England, said the atmosphere in the island is so amazing and he loved diving around Njari.

“Njari is amazing Island with a lot of entire sea creatures that swim through the surface of the water and under water.

“This is another amazing trip for me here in the Western province and I love to dive and fishing.

“My trip is very exciting and lovely while making my trip exciting and relaxing here at Njari Island,” he said.

Richard said Njari Island has some of the best and most exciting dives in the world – from WWII wrecks to reefs.
He loved counting the school of fish and finding something new and exciting under the surface of Njari Island.

On Saturday ‘The World’ stopped over at Malakerava and some guests travelled back to Njari Island and dived again.

Tourists also visited Titiana, World Fish Centre while others strolled through Gizo Town.

On Wednesday The World Visited Njanapuana Island or Pore Pore Island in South Marovo and Sabulo islands north of Marovo Island, and today the cruise ship will stop over at Njari Island.

On Friday the ship visited Gizo Town and the tourists were welcomed by everyone in Gizo, who displayed and sold their artefacts. Source: The Island Sun
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