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Excessive Smoking, Betel nut chewing and alcohol lead to cancer in PNG

Scientific tests have proven that excessive smoking, chewing of betel nut and consuming alcohol can increase people's chances of developing cancer in the mouth, breast and cervix and Papua New Guineans must beware of these factors.

PNG Cancer Chief Executive Officer Dadi Toka Junior said, “one way of preventing cancer is to make healthy lifestyle choices.” This was the message echoed at the launch of the 2017 Let's Talk Cancer Campaign over the weekend.
The new campaign is a fun and exciting way of educating people about the disease. Toka Jnr said, “the purpose of re-branding the two campaigns; the biggest morning tea campaign and the Let's Talk Cancer Campaign is to encourage more Papua New Guineans to join the fight against cancer which has killed thousands of people over the years.”

The Let's Talk campaign will run from May to July.

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