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40,000 registered with Paul Paraka's Grassroots United Front Party

Up to 40,000 residents in the National Capital District have registered their details with the Grassroots United Front, as part of the party's campaign strategy of reaching people directly through their communities.

A statement from the party also says, about 700 youths are employed as aides, pushing along the campaign trail of the party's leader, Paul Paraka for the National Capital District Regional Seat.
These youths are armed with three different forms, which they are using to create awareness, to appeal to voters and to seek information for the party to deliver on its promises if it gets into power.
These forms include a volunteer form to show and give support to the Grassroots United Front party in anyway, a Committee Membership form, and another to seek free legal help from the the party through the Paul Paraka law firm.

Mr Paraka says, an important part of these campaign forms, is to determine the reach of his campaign and how this information can be translated into service delivery for the people.
NBC News/ PNG Today
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