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Call to overhaul PNG Health Department

A call has been issued for a complete overhaul of country's Health Department, over allegations of foul play and their failure to advise the Department and government over the shortage of drugs in the country recently.

Former Health Minister and current NCD Regional Candidate, Jamie Maxtone Graham, said this when outlining his policies in regards to health for NCD and the country as a whole yesterday.
He alleges that the failure by the Secretary and his Technical Evaluation Committee, not to report the short supply of drugs in the country was deliberate, and a move to allow corrupt practices to again make their way into the department.

Mr. Graham in the meantime has also called for a thorough check on all the drugs supplied by Borneo Pacific, because he discovered problems with the type of drugs they were supplying, when he was Health Minister between 2007 to 2012.
"About 2 or 3 months ago all medicine had suddenly run out in all the hospitals and health centres.
In my time we set up reporting and checking systems, auditing systems to make sure that medicine never ran out in our distribution centres.
So this is becoming another issue of corruption again.
And these same people are up to their same old tricks again, they don't report, let it run out so there is panic.

This is a calculated,plan.
So what do the government do? Give us COI, Certificate of Inexperiency to Borneo Pacific.Recently.
They have awarded them another 53 million kina extension.
Now this is bad governance, poor management.
Normally secretary for health should know that medicine will run out in 6months time, so tenders should go out",Mr Maxtone Graham said.
NBC News / PNG Today
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