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Smoke inside cockpit forces Air Niugini plane to turn back

An Air Niugini flight, PX 275, from Kavieng in New Ireland was aborted this morning after it experienced smoke in the cockpit.
The aircraft's tyre also burst upon landing back on the tarmac.

The plane was about to take off and there were smoke in the cockpit and cabin but the captain took off then had to turn the plane in the midair and come back and land the plane.
And upon landing the planes, tyres, making a huge noise in the airport area.
According to staff at the airport, this will be the fifth plane grounded in less than two months.
Meantime the damaged plane is now sitting idle on the tarmac blocking off traffic to incoming and outgoing aircrafts.

Meanwhile all flights into Kavieng airport have been suspended as Air Niugini aircraft PX 275 sits idle on the tarmac after it experienced technical faults.
Passengers on the aborted flight have also been left stranded with no advice from Air Niugini. NBC News/ PNG Today

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