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Digicel Play announces first winner of the Subscribe and Win Promotion

A 33-year-old Morobeanwoman who resides in Port Moresby, MirionIviri, has walked away with K1500.
She wasrandomly selected as the first winner of the State Of OriginSubscribe and Win Promotion on Digicel Play.
The promotion coinciding with this year’s State Of Origin matches commenced on the 12thof May and will end on the 12thof July with one winner announced on the week of each game day. A total cash value of K4500 is up for grabs.
To participate in the promotion, Digicel Play Customers are required to purchase a 7 day or a 14 daySupaTVplan. Upon purchase their mobile numbers are automatically registered in the system.The more a customer subscribes the more chances he/she has of winning.
Iviri who works at a guest house in Gordons, Port Moresby, said she was shocked when she got the call from Digicel Play. She initially thought she was being pranked by a friend.
“I was very surprised to the point that I thought it was a prank call. Luckily I was reassured by the Digicel Play representative that it was not and I am the lucky winner.’’
‘’My two favourite channels are TVWAN + and TVWAN Action because I love watching the Filipino drama and rugby league.
‘’Thank youDigicel Play for this great promotion and for selecting my number.’’she said.
Digicel Play CEO Nico Meyer congratulatedIviriand thanked her for being a loyal and dedicated customer.
‘’It’s good to see our customers getting involved in such rewarding competitions.Iviri is a deserving winner and we hope she enjoys her prize ’’ he said.
Two more winners will be announced on the second and third origin game weeks with K3000 worth of prize money still up for grabs. .
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