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ExxonMobil PNG & The Voice Inc. provide environment for Youth Participation

PARTICIPATION Operator of the PNG LNG Project, ExxonMobil PNG Limited, has contributed K331, 000 to The Voice Inc. to continue its support of its Centers for Leadership. This  brings  ExxonMobil  PNG’s  contribution  to  K774,  000  to  the  Voice  Inc.  in  the  last  three  years. The funds will help the Centre to carry on its citizenship and leadership programs for students from its partner institutions at the University of Goroka, The PNG University of Technology and The University of Papua New Guinea. ExxonMobil PNG Managing Director, Andrew Barry made the presentation to TVI management in front of students and stakeholders at The Voice Inc. headquarters  saying,  “ExxonMobil  recognises  the  critical  role   leadership plays in the development of any society. This unique partnership with The Voice Inc. enables us to continue to invest  and  contribute  to  the  development  of  future  young  Papua  New  Guinean  leaders”. Exxon  Mobil  PNG  has  been  instrumental  in  supporting  The  Voice  Inc’s  Centers  for  Leadership  for  the  past  three years and continues its commitment to nation building and youth participation. Apart from monetary support, it has also been investing time through its people by engaging with young leaders through mentoring, speaking engagements and opportunities to connect with other amazing organizations and people who are leading change in the country and globally. Executive Director, Barbara Thomas, expressed her gratitude saying, “We   are   extremely   grateful   for   the   generous  support  ExxonMobil  PNG  continues  to  provide  by  investing  in  Papua  New  Guinea’s  next  generation of leaders. Their support over the past three years has enabled our organization to grow and provide more opportunities  for  youth  engagement  and  participation.” The Voice Inc. is a youth development that works towards building a sense of purpose in the lives of young people, increase their confidence and create avenues for them to contribute to their communities. The Voice Inc. believes in the importance of providing conducive environments for young people to engage, participate and contribute meaningfully in their schools, local communities and nation. Media Release. Photo supplied 
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