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International Observers called on to take note of PNG Elections

International Observers for elections in the country have been called to take note of the fact that a lot of Papua New Guineans are missing out on voting due to their names not being on the roll.

This was the call by Moresby North West resident, David Opa, due to an incident of that nature which saw over a thousand people not voting today at the Telikom Village in Waigani.
Ballot papers were torn and returned to the Electoral Office, with voting compartments burnt in an act of frustration by residents.
“ We now invite all the international communities, the international observers to stay with us and to observe what is going on and to work with the people, why we are abused of our rights, why we cannot vote.
The names that were brought here is only hundred and twenty nine but there are one thousand plus people who are eligible voters. And we are expecting that every five years time, the common roll should increase, not decrease or should not stand still.
That is not happening.
And one thousand plus voters will not be able to cast their votes,” Mr Opa said. NBC News / PNG Today
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