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Desperate, Dirty and Shameful Politics – Morauta Must Learn Respect for Modern Politics and Members of Parliament


The Prime Minister, Peter O’Neill , has highlighted the importance of Independents being respected after Mekere Morauta again resorted to paid advertisements and desperate politics in an attempt to coerce new Members of Parliament.
Politics in Papua New Guinea has changed a lot since since Morauta’s time, so that today Independents and small parties are not bullied like in the old days of dirty politics he was used to,” PM O’Neill said.
“We will have a number of independents elected to this Parliament, chosen by their people as their democratically elected representatives.
“Our door is open to them to talk about policy priorities and working together for the common good of our Nation.
“You will not see desperate pleas in newspaper advertisements for them to join our coalition, or backroom dirty money deals where members are coerced.
“Morauta is lost in the old ways of politics, where independents and smaller parties we threatened and bribed, and even held captive until the resumption of Parliament.
“He needs to have respect for the free will of Members of Parliament, and leave them to decide of their own free will if they will join the Government or side with the Opposition.”
PM O’Neill said the counting of votes is underway and each day more Members are declared, and during this process patience is needed from all sides.
“In time all Members will be declared and they will decide for themselves where they wish to sit in Parliament.
“All leaders must respect this process, be patient and honour the support that these members have been given by their respective communities.
“Former Prime Ministers should carry themselves with dignity, not carry on with immature and shameful dirty politics.
“Morauta’s obsession with me is deep and unhealthy, and is driving him to lash out.
“He would be wise to calm down and to have patience, and use his time to declare that he will step down as the Chair of the PNG Sustainable Development Program.
“As a candidate, it is highly illegal and immoral for a politician to also be controlling US$1.4 billion in public funds that are beyond State checks and balances.”
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