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Kool, Kuman, Kua lead Chimbu counting

PNC's Noah Kool and Nick Kuman and Kerenga Kua, the leader of the PNG National Party are leading by large margins in their respective electorates after counting was suspended last night.
Kool leads the Provincial race by a margin of 2913 on 8558 votes after counting was suspended last night on count 26.

Running second is Micheal Dua with 5645 votes whilst Activist and PNG Party candidate, John Kerenga Gul runs third with 4746 votes.
In Gumine, Nick Kuman maintains a strong lead with 8387 votes after counting was suspended on count 33 last night.
Running second and third are former MP, Dawa Lucas Dekene with 5317 votes and Micheal Sipa Kale with 2095 votes respectively.

After count 41 in Sinesine Yongomugl, Kua leads with 9529 votes.
Millie Rex runs second on 3828 votes while Karl Aina trails third with 3818 votes.
Counting officials for these electorates expect to complete primary counts this weekend. NBC News/PNG Today

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