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National Alliance Party dominates Madang

National Alliance continues its dominance in Madang Province in the 2017 National Elections as counting enters the elimination process.
The party is currently leading the Madang Regional race, Usino/ Bundi, Sumkar, and Bogia.
In Raikos and Middle Ramu, NA candidates are currently holding onto the second places, whilst its Madang Open candidate had not fared well.
In the Bogia Open race, candidate Robert Naguri dominated much of the race.

With Elimininations now to the half way mark, Naguri remains on top of the race with six thousand 730 votes ahead of PNG National Party candidate David Wama on second place with five thousand one hundred and twenty three votes at the twentieth exclusion yesterday afternoon.
In the Sumkar Open, candidate and former governor Sir Arnold Amet has taken over the lead from sitting MP and P.P P.’s Ken Fairweather into the elimination.
Amet leads with five thousand and five votes at the 25th exclusion,followed by Pangu’s Chris Yer Nangoi 4940 and Fairweather on third place with 4548.
For Rai Kos Open Candidate Edwin Baffe had collected 4096 votes and is in second place behind independants Peter Sapia who had polled 6564 votes after the ninth exclusion
In Usino/ Bundi, former administrator and educationist, Jimmy Uguro is the National Alliance contestant and had been dominating the top of the tally board since the primary votes count, ahead of Sitting MP and URP candidate, Anton Yagama.
At the completion of the primary votes count, Uguro leads with 4 519 votes, ahead of Yagama with a difference of 546 votes.

Yagama has so far collected 3 973 votes.
For Middle Ramu, NA candidate and former MP, Ben Semri is running on the second place with 4 083 votes, behind Independent candidate, Kansol Arwai Kamdaru, who is leading with 4 788 votes.
In the Madang Regional race, former governor, James Yali remains at the top of the tally board with 39 709 votes after Count 78 tonight of the primary votes from Bundi LLG.
Behind Yali is PANGU’s Jerry Singirok with 37 768 votes and PLP’s Peter Yama on the third place with 30 833 votes.
NBC News / PNG Today
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