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National Party leader calls on non-PNC members in Alotau Camp to defect

National Party leader Kerenga Kua has called on non-People’s National Congress member-elects camped in Alotau to “defect”.

“I urge you to reconsider your position. Only yesterday we saw the desperate manoeuvres of Peter O’Neill, a man determined to cling to power. How can any leader even contemplate a situation where 23 electorates would not have a voice in the election of the Prime Minister?” Mr Kua said in a statement yesterday.

He said that no further extensions were available to the Electoral Commission, but thanks to the quick work of the Ombudsman Commission, that was able to seek an extension to the date for return of writs, the people’s right to choose a Prime Minister via their elected leader would be preserved.

The Registrar for Political Parties Dr Alphonse Gelu said yesterday the invitation issued to PNC by the Governor-General was premature.

Mr Kua said: “Has O’Neill become so desperate to maintain power that he has resorted to ignoring proper process and instead hijacked the process of election of the Prime Minister?”

“Throughout these elections our people have had their right to choose their leadership in free and fair elections trampled on by a regime intent on maintaining power, and yet here we are. The Alliance is strong, with numbers that continue to grow as PNG continues to reject PNC.”

In rejecting PNC many electorates had been clear and said no to O’Neill, Mr Kua said and appealed to the members-elect who were currently in camp in Alotau to do the right thing by their constituents and join The Alliance.

“For those of you who unseated PNC candidates, please think of the message your people sent via your election. They said no more! I urge you to put the voice of your people first, truly represent them. Let your conscience be your guide. Join The Alliance now.” Post Courier/Press Release

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