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PNG Elections: Pangu Party sets up camp in Eastern Highlands in a bid to form new government

Pangu Party is setting up camp in Eastern Highlands in preparation to lead the next government, party leader Sam Basil says.
Basil wants independent candidates and candidates from other parties who would be declared winners to take heed of their voters’ call to fight corruption and join them in Goroka.
“We are asking all independent candidates who will soon be declared not to sell yourselves and your voters rights,” Basil said.
“Once you start with the wrong foot, you will find yourself kicked out of office. Pangu Party wants you to be part of the government that will not be formed by the gun barrel or corrupt money.”
Basil said that by next week there will be declarations made.
“Pangu Party wants to end the horse-trading business that normally happens during these times of forming the government,” Basil said.
“During this time, big money will come in to play. Declared winning independent candidates will see certain party leader calling them or sending their henchmen with up to K1 million to lure them.” The National/ PNG Today
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