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PM O’Neill Welcomes Re-election of James Marape – Government Will Continue to Deliver Leadership and Stability

The Prime Minister, Peter O’Neill , has welcomed the declaration of. James Marape  as the Member for Tari Pori in Hela Province.
"I congratulate the Member for Tari Pori on his re-election by the people of his district to once again serve as their Member of Parliament,” the Prime Minister said.
"James Marape has been a dedicated and committed representative for the people of his district, and an outstanding Finance Minister for the Nation.
“As the Member for Tari Pori he has delivered services and infrastructure for his people and changed their lives for the better.
“His district has used its DSIP funds very wisely and this has boosted education, expanded healthcare delivery and improved infrastructure in Tari Pori.
“As the Minister for Finance, James Marape has been an essential part of the team that has managed the economy through a very challenging period for the global economy.
“During this time we have seen Government revenue suffer as resources prices fell, but throughout this time our Government continued to deliver core services and build infrastructure.
“James Marape is a key Member of Parliament as we move forward into the next term of Government.”
PM O’Neill said the People’s National Congress Party took a group of strong and capable candidates into the 2017 election, and this is being acknowledged by people around the country through their votes.
“The people of our Nation have now voted, and I look forward to more seats being declared and to begin the task of forming the next Government of Papua New Guinea when Parliament resumes in August.
“The first five years of our Government were only just the beginning. We have changed the Nation for the better, and we will continue to drive growth and development.
"The people of Papua New Guinea want continued strong leadership and stability in our nation’s Government, and we will continue to deliver this for the coming five years.
“We will continue to deliver the growth and development that is needed to move our country to the next level, and to continue to improve the lives of our people.”
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