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PNG Parliament Speaker Zurenouc unseated

Papua New Guinea Parliament Speaker  and People's National Congress Party candidate Theo Zurenouc has lost his Fichafen Open seat. 

He was unseated by Pangu Party's candidate  Renbo Paita  with  9361 votes while incumbent member  Theo Zurenouc got  8239  votes after the final elimination. His win takes the number of Pangu party candidates elected to 5. 

Meanwhile Pangu Party leader, Sam Basil, has extended an invitation to all independent candidates and all parties to join them in the formation of the new government.
The party will be setting up camp in Goroka tomorrow as it prepares for the 10th parliament.
Basil says the party should be a uniting factor for people in all regions and for that reason, they will be meeting in Goroka as a central location.
Basil has also promised investigations into the use of DSIP money and its distribution.

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